Giving importance to the environment we are up to date with the CTP Computer-to-Plate technology” which runs of chemical free technology, which unlike the conventional CTPs doesn’t release harmful chemicals while processing the plates.

Nabeel runs ahead in the race of ‘Speed, Quality & Consistency”. Your images are transferred in its pristine form to the final print image, giving the onlooker with stunning reproduction of enhanced quality printed materials. Our latest printing machines are fully computerized with built-in intelligent color management technology and are operated by skilled & qualified technicians, which in turn assures you the quality and speed of production.


With the advent of technological advancement, we have boldly invested in the latest and the quickest “ Computer-to- Plate” setting equipment from Fuji and has converted all the regular jobs to the CtP digital Plates. Hence enjoying the advantage of superior quality output almost close to photographic prints at the speed which conventional system can never match. Our customers benefit from transforming digital files to plate out-puts. Foregoing the entire film making process, thus the speed and Dot Quality is achieved at highest standards. All this has been done keeping the environment in mind so as to reduce waste or release of harmful chemicals into the environment unlike the conventional machines.

Finishing & Binding

“Great jobs needs precise finish”

While all the care and attention has been on imaging and printing the finishing is always critical to complete. With the most advanced binding and finishing equipment we have, we can convert all the binding needs with the turn of a switch most precisely and at great speeds.

We have a full line –up of trimming, Auto- Collating and folding equipments, along with binding machines capable of accommodating normal perfect binding, PUR binding, high speed inline saddle stitching, fully automated spiral binding and other popular binding styles.

Quality Control

Our Quality control team ensures that every job is individually taken care off, and skillfully executed, leaving us with minimum wastage of material and “Your Precious Time” the undertaken jobs are carefully scanned at every stage to ensure 100% result in your desired expectations.

Printing Offset

“No job is too simple or complex for us”

As our printing press is fully equipped with everything from simple letterpress to latest high speed sheet-fed press such as Heidelberg Speed master series which is fully computer controlled and allows us to operate from remote console for color management & precise registration, even at high speeds.

All our equipment’s are maintained at pristine condition operating round the clock with flexible schedule to provide our customers efficient service at least minimum given time, without sacrificing our quality standards.

GMG advanced Proofing System

This is a new generation proofing system, where the customers can get pre-printed proofs in less than an hours’ time. The customer gets to see how the printed material will look, focusing more on the colours even before the job is taken into production. Our machines are calibrated in such a way that we can match the colours 100% ,as per the Gmg proofs given to our customers. This helps in reducing the time and money wasted over the conventional idea of giving printed proofs.

Digital Printing

The Ricoh C7100X

With a maximum speed of 80ppm it can print on any sort of paper ranging from 52 gsm upto 360 gsm thickness. In addition to this it prints on PVC stickers too. Maximum printable size is 70 x 33cms with the option of a multi bypass tray. All this comes with a 5th color option of either white or clear depending on the job requirement.


“We pack your dreams”

We have the expertise and resources to create presentations Packs, with unique designs to stand out- from the rest and be noticed. Any type of design Ideas can be transformed with the in-house high-speed box closing machines suited to convert any type of Ideas you come with.

We do all kinds of boxes like hard case cakes boxes for hotels, hard case gift boxes, Straight line pasted boxes, Lock Bottom Double Wall, 4 – Corner, 4 – Corner with Lid and 6 – Corner pasted boxes.

“ Your imagination is the limit and we can convert your ideas into reality”

Eco Friendly

Since Printing involves using a lot of raw materials like inks, isopropyl alcohol, fountain solution and other cleaning agents the waste water generated from all this is hazardous.
We are proud to say that we are completely eco- friendly. Unlike the conventional CTP machines our CTP doesn’t release harmful chemicals while processing the plates. We have invested in the latest Chemical-free CTP technology. We also have a recycling plant which recycles all the hazardous wastes from the printing machines into safe water which is approved by the Ajman Municipality.

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Speed, Quality and Consistency